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Everything a tennis player
Wants to Know About Learning Tennis!


Take it from me, learning to become a good tennis player may not be as difficult as you may think.

Well, how would you define good? Is it good enough to beat your neighbor or best friend?


Or, maybe to be the best at your local club or tennis facility.


There are ways for you to play better. You are however going to have to make a commitment of time in order to learn the skills necessary.




The question is, are ready to make that commitment? It is going to take time and the effort to hit a lot of tennis balls.


If you're anything like me, you want instant gratification, so the key is to achieve small victories in specific areas.


Knowing this, that you will get better every time you set foot on the court and practice.

Sometimes you may not see it, you may not feel it but, you will improve! Everything about learning tennis took time, effort and especially good coaching.

In the event that you want even faster results, you may want to seek help from a professional tennis instructor or even take a class at your local community college or Adult Education Center.


Local Parks & Recreation Centers sometimes offer tennis programs for adults and/or youths in order to learn to play or become a better tennis player. They may not however, have everything about tennis that you may want.

Even if you are just learning how to play tennis, the practice that you put in now will pay off in the long run.

It not only pays off in learning a new skill, you will also be getting some exercise in the process.


After almost forty years of playing, teaching and competing I have found out that it's all about hitting balls. Well, that may sound too simplistic, so let me explain.


The Best Sport?

Tennis is the largest individual sport that is played in the world. It is played by over seventy five million people.


Does that mean that they all play well? No, most people play for recreation or exercise, or as a social or family outing.


When I first became a tennis player I fell in love (no pun intended) with the sport. I had played baseball, football, and even basketball. I never even thought of playing tennis.


Partly due to not having any "heroes" in the sport. Let's face it especially as far as boys are concerned, we idolize sports figures.

It was true when I was a boy and it is even more so today.


When I started playing, everything about tennis seemed difficult. It seemed to me that trying to control a bouncy ball on an otherwise flat round surface (the racquet) just to hit it over a net in between lines was next to impossible.

Becoming a tennis player however, got me away from the "jocks" in the other sports who weren't better than I was anyway, but who were so afraid that I would be better than them that they had to promote themselves as being better with "trash talking" and "put-downs".

Don't get me wrong I liked all of those sports but none of them had the allure of tennis.


No more getting hit by pitchers, knocked out by linebackers or dislocated fingers from a basketball.

You see, the other sports that I played were team sports.

I enjoyed them and learned a great deal playing them. But, they each had one similar component.


I needed other individuals in order to have the team win.

Tennis, on the other hand gave me the opportunity not to depend on someone else for my success.

It makes the player take responsibility for their own actions, good or bad.


It also makes you reach deeper inside of yourself to find that peace that is going to enhance your abilities.

You can see this in many of the top professionals today. It is very difficult if not impossible to become a good tennis player with a "football player" mentality.



Have Fun While You Exercise

Are you tired of going to the gym? Maybe you jog or just walk as a way of keeping fit.

I'm here to help those people and as many people play this game that can get you in shape and keep you in shape.


You can do all of this while making great friends and establishing great relationships.


Where I teach tennis very few of the individuals that come to a tennis class or clinic knew each other before they joined. However, they quickly become friends as they develop their skills together.


This did not however stop them from coming every week and learning a new stroke or competing.


In fact, some of our tennis players travel past other parks and clubs to join us and to learn the game.


Maybe You Played Years Ago

The fact is that tennis is undergoing its' biggest resurgence since the 1970's and that more and more people are coming back to tennis after not playing for years has inspired me to establish this site.

There are many possible reasons for it's comeback, more accessibility to courts, more television coverage of worldwide professional events and the spirit of competition that it brings while participating.

If it has been a long time since you have played, the tennis racquet may feel strange in your hand until you hit for a while.


Not to fear, you will regain your timing in a short time!


Whether you are a coach, a beginner, an advanced tennis player or just a weekend warrior, we are here to provide a "one-stop" shop to get you started or back into the game for all of your related items and gear.


From Tennis racquets to shoes and from tennis vacations to lessons, we have everything to make playing tennis a great experience. We are creating this community in order to expand and increase participation for the sport of a "lifetime".

Develop a Plan for Learning to Become a Tennis Player

If you are just starting out, here is a list of tennis basics that you are going to need:


Tennis shoes

Tennis balls

Tennis court, wall or backboard or a practice partner

Lots of determination

Time to practice




Tennis is the game for a lifetime

Tennis is a sport that unlike so many team sports one can begin at any age. I can think of other sport can be played competitively from age five to let's say 85 years old.

At a community park where I live the average age of the more than twelve players is eighty.

They look forward to coming out three times a week to compete against each other and some of the "youngsters" (anyone younger than 65) and they do pretty well for themselves.


I applaud them for their energy, effort and staying power. What they lack in skill they otherwise make up for in tenacity.

Now, I have seen some of these individuals who never pick up a racquet until they are in their seventies or even their eighties do quite well in their development.

And I for one believe that it helps them to exercise their bodies and their minds, which is and added benefit for anyone no matter the age.

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Tennis for kids

Parents often come to me and ask "what's the earliest age that I should start a child learning how to play tennis"?

I tell them not to push them into tennis, but rather introduce them to the game. You can find more answers to questions in our FAQ page.


Children will play, so expose them with learning how to have fun with the ball and for that matter all types of balls.

Only adding the racquet later and let them experiment with hitting balls.

Later, as they progress and the young tennis player learns how to count and know what they are counting.

Then, introduce them to hitting and counting the number of times they hit the ball.


I have a student that is five years old and I have been working with him for about a year and a half. I truly believe that he is a "diamond in the rough".

He did not come to me with any innate ability to hit a tennis ball, but through constant repetition and slow and steady progressions, he has become a good little player for his age.

In fact, he plays with the advanced group where I teach and is quite competitive.

He is an example of why I tell parents to just let your child try it out and see if they like it.

Probably the most talked about issue among tennis professionals today is 10 and Under tennis.

This is something that has been around for about four or five years now but the United States Tennis Association has really begun to add it as part of their 10 and under tournament program.

We actually offer a 10 and Under program where I teach.

If however, you do have a toddler, say around one or two years old and you want to get them an early start, you can opt to purchase this racquet and ball.

We use a graduated court and tennis racquets for children ten years old and under. After all, most of the other sports such as basketball and baseball have been doing this for many years, so why not tennis?

Of course, just like most things, it has its drawbacks but it is a start for tennis facilities to increase not only participation for kids in tennis but also having the our tennis players achieve success quicker than if they had been playing on a full size court.

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Pre-teens and Teens

If you are a pre-teen or teenager take heart, there is still hope for you to learn this game.


As a matter of fact sometimes it's easier to learn at that age because there are a lot of the issues that kids that are much younger.

One of which is hand-eye coordination.


Even though I have seen in a few instances where some pre-teens have very little hand-eye coordination, overall it is generally not a big problem.


One of the other positive factors that I have experienced from teaching youths of this age group is that they usually have better focus and a longer attention span.

This allows for more information to be retained for a longer period. Understand however, that these statements are generalities and does apply to all kids in that age group.


They are based solely on my many years of teaching experience in dealing with hundreds of kids become better tennis players.

Tennis Bags


There is Hope!


So, let's get back to the first statement that was made at the top of the page.


You came here probably because you want to learn more about tennis or you want to learn how to play the game better.


There is no way around it. Even if you hire the best coach or are a gifted athlete, it's going to take this kind of effort to achieve any goal associated with learning the game, much less becoming a good tennis player.


So, if that is bad news for you then maybe tennis is not the game for you.


However, even if it is bad news, understand that every ball that you hit puts you just that much closer to your specific goal as a tennis player.


Now for the good news. There are resources to help you learn everything about playing tennis.

First, do you remember what I said about getting a good coach?


Well, a good coach can accelerate the process along your journey.


And make no mistake about it, becoming a "good" tennis player is a journey.

Getting the Right Equipment

As a tennis player you need to invest in quality tennis gear. Sometimes you can borrow a racquet or even pick up a good deal from garage or yard sales.


These racquets usually come from former tennis players that don't play anymore or have decided that the sport was just too difficult for them to invest their time and energy.


While the racquet is the most important piece of equipment that a tennis player will need, investing in a good pair of tennis shoes is probably the next thing that you want to focus on and of course, the proper tennis clothingwidth=.


Most people believe that you can just go out and play in any old pair of sneakers or even running shoes.

Well, you can but take it from me, you don't want to take the chance of injuring your ankle using the incorrect type of shoes.


Okay, so you've gotten all the basic gear and you're ready to play.


How about the balls? Will any old tennis ball do? One thing to remember is that the tennis ball is quite a unique part of the game.

Unlike most other sports like basketball or football, tennis balls wear out (by design, I believe) and lose their bounce thus making them of no use to the individual.


Well, you can still play with "dead balls". Tennis balls that do not have much bounce to them.


But, as soon as you meet with someone who has a brand new can and you try to use them you will definitely notice the difference in the bounce, thus you will not have the correct timing.

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About Me
Find out where I currently teach tennis and the vision for the future of tennis players in my region


Learn Tennis the Right Way, The First Time
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Find out how you can play better and enjoy the sport while you do it


Learn how to become a Tennis Player Here
Resources for you to learn how to play or even if you have been at it for a while, you can search here for ideas and advice to improve.


Tennis Racquets
The single most important piece of equipment that you need when learning the game


Tennis Clothing
Why not dress your best for your playing experience?


Tennis Shoes
You may or may not know that there are shoes that are made specifically for tennis


Are you a Tennis Player looking for gear?
Your gear is a very important aspect of the game. It can really make a big difference in your performance. Everything from racquets to bags and more


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Are you a tennis player looking for a coach located close to you? The right instructor can help elevate your game to the next level.


Pro Shop
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Whether you are a serious junior player, a club level player or just a beginner, you can benefit from taking a lesson


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Whether you're looking for Local parks or hotel resorts, hard courts or clay courts, find out the advantages and disadvantages of all the surfaces.


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See where your favorite player is playing this week. Learn the latest scores and who's in and who's out of the latest tournament


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