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Wilson Tennis Racquets;
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Wilson has been around for a very long time and it's reputation for building tennis racquets is second to none.

My first racquet, I'm sad to say (shows my age), was the Wilson T-2000. This racquet was a metal racquet which is unheard of today. It was the racquet that Jimmy Connors played with and I liked the results that he got with it.


It had good power, all things considered but, I couldn't imagine someone playing with it against some of the newer more powerful racquets made with lighter and more responsive materials with much less of a jarring affect on your arm, which can lead to tennis elbow.



The other thing that I did like about the racquet as opposed to today's racquets is the fact that it came with a genuine leather replacement grip, which seemed to last forever.



One of the things that I can remember about them is that they seemed to have a little more weight to them overall and that's okay because it has been my experience that with proper technique you will eventually get used to the difference.


Actually, some people do not like light racquets because they somehow think that they are not going to be able to hit the ball as hard. Just remember that there are many more factors to hitting the ball hard than just racquet weight alone.


The weight of Wilson tennis racquets are not necessarily any different than any other brands, but they do sell heaver racquets overall.


I can tell you that if not for the fact that I am a United States Professional Tennis Association member and am required by contract to use only Head tennis racquets when teaching.


Which means that if there was a Wilson tennis racquet that I liked and I was playing in a tournament, that I could use it.


There are just so many choices, not just from Wilson, but Prince, Babolat and Dunlop, just to name a few; they are all good choices.


Years ago the USPTA had a contract with Wilson in which we were required to use only Wilson tennis racquets and at first when when we changed to Head I was a little disappointed.


I can remember at the age of six, my sister played on her tennis team and she owned a Wilson tennis racquet. That always stuck with me when I decided to choose a racquet.


Back then however, there were not as many manufacturers as there are today.


If they ever go back to Wilson tennis racquets, I would definitely use one of the many models, just not the T-2000.





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